Also, the headband features self-adjusting leather so you can expect minimum resistance. AKG K701 Review with Pros, Cons And Verdict by Victor Bailey The K701 retails at around $350, quite cheap for a top-of-the-line headphone, but a lot more than most people would consider spending on a pair of cans. Many knock-off manufacturers make their headphones unnecessarily heavy just because this spells ‘quality build’ in the eyes of the unsuspecting consumers. You should also be able to save a couple of bucks thanks to deals and deals and discounts. Especially when we take price into consideration! Visually speaking, the AKG K701 headphones have a very peculiar design. They have two-tone navy blue and silver color scheme and an old-school retro design that will work for some. Studio headphones can be incredibly expensive while this product opts for a rather mid-route approach in terms of pricing. However, as I mentioned before, since these are open back headphones. The overall design does not fair well outside so I wouldn’t use this model outdoors. If you’re annoyed that ear pain and sweating are limiting the quality time you get to spend with your music then you have got to give the AKG K701 headphones a try. Home. With heavy sound leakage, they aren't great for travel or the office As with all open-back headphones, the AKG K701 are not meant to keep your music in or the world around you out. Equipment Forums. $180.00. K712 PRO. Now with that, grab a snack, sit back and relax friend, You’ve come to the right place! AKG K 701 Headband Headphones - White. So don’t be too hasty to equate weight with quality. The mere fact that they have been in production for well over a decade is a testament to their quality and popularity. You want to know if the AKG K701 studio headphones are worth the money or not, right? We are all pumped up about the AKG K701. The imaging can be adjust slightly by moving the ear pads around your ears. I believe its overall style and lightweight design is what sets it apart from other headphones in the market. With his CS degree, 5 years of experience as a software developer and 2 years of experience testing audio devices, James is more than fit to be trusted in this field. This may be discouraging at first; plastic certainly doesn’t radiate with that premium-quality glow of most other materials. Their open-back design provides a wide, immersive soundstage, whilst patented Varimotion twin-layer diaphragms ensure that the entire frequency range is reproduced with exceptional accuracy. $1,099.00 . For starters, it only weighs 235 grams which is insanely lightweight as far as headphones are concerned. And when you think about it, that really is quite a shame because otherwise, they seem to be quite a decent pair. Comfort really is the name of the game with the K701 and the lightweight plastic build is only the beginning. Frankly, this isn’t unreasonable for such a fine example of mid-range studio-grade headphones, although the fact that they’re plastic makes the fear of accidentally breaking them very real. June 6, 2016 By Barking Drum. While the K701 isn’t necessarily a bad product, it’s far from being completely perfect either. A cable and jack-mini jack adapter are presented alongside the headphones themselves. The Q701’s have different color and branding. James is a self-proclaimed audiophile and tech geek. Let me know in the comments section below. Heavier does not necessarily mean better. Had the exterior been something real stuff, I wouldn’t mind the splurge but just imagine accidentally breaking a pair of your new headphones – nope, that just isn’t worth it. Buy AKG K701 Open-Back Reference Stereo Headphones featuring Circumaural Open-Back Headphones, For Critical Listening and Referencing, For Mixing Applications and Hi-Fi, Flat-Wire Technology for Accurate Sound, Varimotion Diaphragm for Accurate Bass, Sparkling Highs and Accurate Imaging, 10 Hz to 39.8 kHz Frequency Response, Comfortable 3D-Form Earpads, 3.5mm Connection … If you’re looking for comfortable open-back headphones for long sedentary sessions, even just as a simple audiophile, then you won’t find a better product. If you were looking for the AKG K702 vs. K712, I have that one too!. The reasonable price makes everything even more worthwhile. Let’s start with the pros first: Unfortunately, there’s always a flipside to everything. $219.99. And this renders them pretty much unusable in office environments, during commutes, etc. K702. I'm in love with anything music-related. Here are some cons that you ought to know about: Overall, in terms of quality, I wouldn’t say that the AKG701 is a bad choice. You could use them for gaming if you have a quiet gaming den just for yourself and the fact that they’re wired isn’t a problem. He says all these other models, he didn't like the tone color & texture, and they all somehow sounded closed-in, but his experience of K702s made him change his mind about AKGs 180 degrees. Seeing as you should have no trouble finding the K701 headphones for half the price on various reseller sites, they really are a steal. Free shipping & returns. All of this stems from one key feature of the K701: the open-back ear-cups. The only potential downside here is that the overall design appears too bulky, this doesn’t make the product a good choice for casual listening. The large ear-cups, coupled with the leather headband, give it somewhat of a retro vibe. While I wouldn’t use this for outside use, it’s pretty great for gaming and general stuff. AKG says that it has improved low-end performance by 3dB over their predecessors, the K702, which now sit between the two new models in the range. So figure out what you’ll be needing the headphones for before making an investment. The point is to keep the center of the diaphragm acting as pistonically as possible and thus keep the voice-coil centered in the magnetic field. Headphones vs Headsets vs Earphones vs Earbuds – What Is the Difference? I also liked that the highs were crystal clear and smooth while the lows were also quite impressive. Hand-crafted in Austria, the build quality of the K712 Pro is excellent. Pruebas con AKG K701 en balanceado. AKG K701/K702 vs. AKG Q701? Even the best sound producers can use these and not feel out of place. There are a number of ways in which the K701 brought competitive counterpoint to the top of the headphone heap. The open back ear cups are large and circular and covered in a suede-like padding that gives the headphones a premium appeal. But ‘sedentary’ really is key here. These hi-fi headphones are especially designed to offer a wide frequency range. Also, despite the metallic look of the ear-cups, they’re made entirely from plastic. The ear-cups are padded with 3D foam for the most ergonomic fit and wrapped in a layer of fine velour. Like the K1000 it replaces, the K701 is backed by a two-year parts and labor warranty. They boast a full frequency range with decent bass, a great mid and an out-of-this-world treble. There has been some high hopes about these headphones. They’re not suitable for use in any other manner, nor do we suggest leaving the house with them, especially seeing as they don’t even come with a carrying case. หูฟัง AKG K702 Headphone รหัสสินค้า: 1128024000001 (1484) ราคาปกติ 16,500 บาท ราคา 8,990 บาท AKG K701 Review. Review By Phil Gold Click here to e-mail reviewer. Is there something you’d like to add? This may be discouraging at first; plastic certainly doesn’t radiate with that premium-quality glow of most other materials. It’s a rookie mistake and sometimes brands simply take advantage of this perspective and simply make their products unnecessarily heavy to fool their customers. Ps. Výrobce u tohoto modelu použil revoluční systém cívek s plochými vodiči, které vytváří čistokrevný a nezkreslený zvuk. We use cookies to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. The analytical capabilities of the headphones are nothing short of astounding. I mean, how are you supposed to work when your ears are all pressed and uncomfortable? Each note is distinct and you’ll hear even the slightest recording error. 105 dB SPL at 1 V. Since 1 V makes 16 mW into 62 Ω, 1 mW of input ought to return 93 dB SPL, which is how most headphones are rated and which confirms that these are very insensitive headphones. Visually speaking, the AKG K701 headphones have a very peculiar design. I know that sounds limited but that’s just the way it works so you ought to get used it. 7 Best Logitech Headphones with Microphones (2020 Review), 6 Best Webcams for Musicians (2020 Review), 6 Best Sony Studio Monitor Headphones (2020 Review), 6 Best Studio Headphones for Gaming (2020 Review), 7 Best Microphones for Home Studios (2020 Review), Large earcups that allow you to listen to each minute detail, Adjustable headbands which is great if multiple people plan on using the gear, Lightweight headphones that don’t burden your ears, Can be used for several hours without causing excess sweat, Bulky design, wouldn’t recommend you use this outdoors, A little over the budget compared to other open back headphones in the market, Does not do a great job at noise cancellation (although, that’s something you can expect from open back models anyway), Can only be used in a quiet setting and not in the noisy outdoors. At only 235 grams they’re definitely one of the lightest studio headphones we’ve seen. For your information, we do earn money from commission in the link in the content! I wouldn’t recommend it as the best choice for heavy bass genres. If this is the kind of performance you require, the K701 won’t leave you wanting. But here’s the thing, just because something weighs more, doesn’t mean it offers better value. M… Now that we’re done talking about the product in detail, it’s time we quickly analyse its pros and cons. You’ll notice that the earcups are nice and padded with a self-adjusting strap. The low clamping force is great for comfort but it does demand a rather static approach. The AKG K701s feature a standard over-ear design, with an open back for an increased sound stage. I’m not sure how to put it in words (in my defense, I’m a musician, not a writer), this particular model has a retro vibe to it. However, if you’d like to invest in this model anyway, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a good deal around the holidays. To conclude, he says he's owned K171 Studio, K66, K26P among AKG headphones (so he seems pretty well qualified to comment on AKG cans). AKG K701 Reference class premium headphones. I’m a musician, bass guitar player, home studio owner and artist. But yes, in terms of value, you’d be better off investing in another model. 10 Hz ~ 39 kHz, unqualified. But boy, is the clarity unmatched after that! Socket, AKG K702 Headphones. The foam is wrapped in velour which is also a nice touch. Shop premium microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems, and other audio products at It’ll allow you to get the most out of your gear. They come in Black, Green, or White, with a neon green chord. I buy a lot of musical gear so I can say this with complete conviction, these headphones, certainly are overpriced. K812 PRO. AKG K701 Open-Back Headphones - Hear every detail. These are one of the best open back headphones that I’ve gotten my hands on. The ear cups are also worth praising about thanks to its 3D foam and ergonomic design and fit. Consider this as an added tip whenever you’re shopping for gear. There is just overall more bass on the Q701. I personally think you get just the right value with these babies. But to be honest, the material contributes to the lightweight of the product. Even though the manufacturing of these headphones has brought in a few plastic elem… And on top of that, the amount of pressure that the ear-cups exert is rather minimal, just enough for the headphones to stay on your head without slipping off. In addition to this, these headphones feature a self-adjusting leather headband with very light resistance. If you’re tired of dealing with all these circumstances, the AKG K701 is undoubtedly a good choice. The K702 impresses from the off, with its packaging featuring an elegant folding design that presents the headphones beautifully. So if you’re looking for a nice pair of open-back headphones, this is good choice. Here is our honest review of these very comfortable headphones. AKG K701 Headphones A new reference! I’ve used these headphones quite a few times but they have never slipped off my ears which is a nice improvement. I also found the bass to be quite decent so that is also a plus point. And just to drive home the point that these are first and foremost studio headphones, they don’t have any additional buttons or convenient in-line volume controls, giving you very little incentive to connect them to your smartphone. This can be a bit of a downside as the original price of the product is pricey, so you’d normally expect premium quality materials if you’re paying that kind of money. If I’m being completely honest, I will not equate heavy-weight with good quality. The crystal clear highs and smooth lows make the K701 fit for a whole range of genres, from classical to metal. The quality and the sound results aren’t bad either. AKG K701 Features: Revolutionary flat-wire voice coil technology Patented AKG Varimotion ultra-precision 2-layer diaphragm Self-adjusting, cushioned, genuine leather headband Bi-wiring, high-performance cable with 1/4" jack plug The sound quality is top-notch, just as you’d expect from headphones that are beloved by professional musicians and recording studio technicians around the world, but what truly sets them apart from the competition is the unprecedented level of comfort they provide. AKG cuts runnels into the stiffer portion in order to tweak the diaphragm's mechanical impedance—or, as AKG puts it, "the diaphragm has been optimized to prevent unwanted vibration modes." The K701 comes in white and silver/grey, with an aesthetic that’s wonderfully fresh and elegant. It may seem obvious but let’s just put it on the record to be sure: whenever you opt for open-back headphones, you can throw noise-canceling capabilities out the window. Whether it's instruments, making music or simply helping others to get started. And that’s the reason why it’s quite surprising that the K701 doesn’t disappoint. The large ear-cups, coupled with the leather headband, give it somewhat of a retro vibe. Hi, I’m Victor Bailey from Philadelphia. If you like being able to get the best possible close-up while recording, this is certainly a good choice. Whether it’s picking the right gear, recording a song or promoting it, I’ve got a great tip for you. I'm a sucker for a good pair of headphones.I've raved in these pages about the Ultimate Ears UE-10Pro Canal Earphones, and I've had great fun with the amazing AKG K1000 Ear Speakers. After all, that’s what you’re here for right now, aren’t you? The good news is I found a cheaper version on Amazon. Buying a preloved model isn’t a bad idea either, but remember, you won’t be getting a guarantee or warranty you can potentially waste all of your money. Otevřená referenční dynamická sluchátka AKG K701 Vynikající referenční otevřená dynamická sluchátka AKG K701 poskytnou přesný zvuk a znamenitou reprodukci za každé situace. The bass on the K701 is about 4db quieter than the Q701. This particular model is a much better choice if you plan on listening to music in a quiet room. It offers a nice metallic look despite being made of plastic. And that can also be a plus point depending on what kind of headphones you’re looking for. The open-back style is awesome is and is far more comfortable to use in the summers. (13) 13 product ratings - New AKG K701 Open-back Ear-Cup Ultra Studio Reference Headphones Comfortable. The Q701 has a detachable cable while the K701 does not. The AKG K701 is a very impressive headphone and one of the most comfortable studio headphones ever made. All this combines for an appealing and eye-catching finish that radiates quality. Now, when you first set your eyes on the AKG K701, you’ll notice how it looks strikingly different from other open back models. All of these models feature a similar design. But here’s the thing: Heavier does not necessarily mean better. But they’re definitely useless during workouts, not only because the cable’s a problem, but also because they’ll fall right off. The Q701 has bumps on the headband, while the newer model K701 does not. $259.99 . You’ll hear every note quite distinctively which will help you identify even the slightest recording error. AKG makes big claims about the accuracy of these headphones, and we’re not about to dispute them. In this case, I would sincerely recommend you opt for a closed back model instead. However, it may not be the best choice for modern, bass-heavy genres; especially seeing as they have a 300 hour break-in time. This can be a bit of a downer if you’re looking for headphones that you can use on the subway or while commuting. Now, for the really important stuff – the sound quality. So anyway, if you’re OK with the plastic exterior, then the K701 is a pretty good choice. We hope you love our reviews fellow musicians! AKG has strict quality control individually testing and numbering each headphone manufactured. The earcups are pretty large with a nice leather headband. Read my detail guide about Open vs. Closed Headphones and best laptops for music production. Sensitivity. Not only will this make the headphones unfit for use in any environment riddled with outside noises because you’ll hear everything louder than a whisper, but also because everyone else will hear whatever it is you’re listening. The AKG K701 sits at a rather hefty price tag of $450 on AGK’s website. This is good but then again, you’ll probably better use out of closed back headphones. In summation, the AKG K701 headphones are nothing short of excellent, so long as you fit their target demographic. Of course, these extra features really aren’t to be expected in studio headphones and sound quality is where the money is really at. Now, before I start to give away everything in the introduction, let’s begin with a detailed account of the design. The AKG K701 Headphones put you in the centre of your sound. If you’ve worked with either of these headphones before, you’d know that the design appears almost identical. At times, they even pop-up for less than $200. What bugs me most is the plastic covering. Check out this detailed guide I wrote for Sony MDR 7506 vs Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. The quality of the construction is very durable and the overall look is very stylish. Here is more about me. Free shipping. 5 out of 5 stars (30) 30 product ratings - AKG K 701 Headband Headphones - White. However, I should add that the clarity certainly is worth raving about. This site is my little place on the web to share my knowledge with fellow artists. Plug, AKG K702 cord. Only the artificial leather elements are darker in town, in this case a brown shade. The only great thing I truly love about this model is that it lets you listen to every minute detail of your recording. The AKG K702 share the same style and build as the AKG K701 and AKG K712 PRO. Even with just 320kbps MP3s the Q701s draw … If you like the crispness of the colour white, you’ll find it hard to avoid the allure of the K701. These properties make these headphones a great choice for classical and metal genres. Truthfully, you can’t expect a lot of noise cancellation with open back headphones – it is pretty naive about it if you do. The headphones don’t isolate below 1Khz and that isn’t anything quite impressive. $185.00 . I have also written an informative article on the AKG Q701 vs. K701, if you were looking for that comparison, but clicked on this out of curiosity. Now let’s compare the design to the K702 and K712 PRO. This particular model is pricey and while I’d normally say that you get what you pay for, it isn’t quite the case here. And best of all, these headphones are incredibly comfortable to use. Forums. I put a ton of effort into writing my content and I hope you find it useful. The k701 comes with a presentation stand and 6.3mm adapter. Add all of these features up and you’re left with headphones that you can use for hours on end without any pain or sweating. And, of course, while the bass is very serviceable for most genres, don’t expect it to rattle you. bigger. 7 watching. All of them feature big circular ear cups along with a thin headband. I’m also a great fan of how these headphones don’t get your ears all sweaty and uncomfortable. Unsurprisingly, the K701 doesn’t disappoint. $1.99 shipping. I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again – I’m not a big fan of headphones that clog your ears, resulting in tons of sweating. AKG Acoustics are renowned veterans in this field and the fact that they opted to use plastic works entirely to the K701’s advantage. Brand: AKG Pro Audio: Connections: Wired: Model Name: K712 Pro: Color: Black: Headphones Form Factor: Over Ear: ... AKG K712 PRO Open-Back Dynamic Reference Headphones Master the Sound Hear things that you've never heard before. AKG K612 on amazon: US: DE: UK: Prior to the AKG K701 introduction in 2005, the Sennheiser HD 600 and then HD 650 ruled the dynamic headphone roost, but AKG is no slouch when it comes to headphones and they intended to knock the king off the throne. In fact, the term ‘hi-fi’ may as well have been coined to describe these headphones. AKG has a good track record and we've fond memories of models going back decades. ! pads, too tight of a head clamp (at least in the pair I owned), very light bass impact and a distant vocal presentation - i.e., the vocalist sounded farther away than the rest of the band. The K701's flaws (to me) were uncomfortably soft and fuzzy(!) The earcups don’t exert a lot of pressure so that’s also quite commendable. If comfort is what you’re really looking for, the K701 is certainly a prime choice. Updated on February 14th, 2020. $358.37 . For more information click here! It’s lightweight and easy to carry around however, the overall design does appear to be quite bulky. Audio Bandwidth. 4.4 x 7.8 x 8.3 inches (11.3 x 19.9 x 21.2 cm). Also, despite the metallic look of the ear-cups, they’re made entirely from plastic. I’d also like to add that the sound isolation isn’t too great either. All in all, if you’re looking for comfort plus functionality, this isn’t a bad choice. The AKG K701 is one of the many newer headphones that have emerged recently that seem to perform at a level above and beyond their price-point. But enticing as this may be for, say, gamers, these headphones have a very niche audience in that they’re not even suitable for all audiophiles. Nevertheless, even if we don’t take into consideration the unmatched levels of comfort, the amazing sound quality alone justifies the price. K701. And this goes a long way to ensure comfort. Sorprendido con la sinergia de este combo con estos magníficos auriculares en balanceado. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to That's all, folks.
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