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Update - July 28th, 2017!

Unfortunately, the School Board and Administration determined that the current play structure had to much rot and the damage to structural integrity was too far gone to be repaired.  Because this posed a danger to the children, the Board decided that the structure needed to be removed immediately to prevent serious injury.  Over the last two days, a crew has been on the school grounds, performing the necessary demolition:

Demolotion of the old play structure

It's a sad day for Lakeside, the play structure was the main feature of the school playground, and much loved by the children.  We need to step up our fund-raising efforts, to replace this structure as soon as possible!! Please share this page page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media you can!

The committee agreed that the playground should incorporate these attributes:

Playground committee members: Susan Ady (district rep), Charlene Norquist and Andi Henke

  1. Facilitate Imaginary Play
  2. Stimulate Sensory Development
  3. Encourage Collaborative Play
  4. Foster development of physical strength, endurance, balance and coordination
  5. Fit into our natural environment- visually pleasing
  6. Is unusual

Proposed Playground Design

Ross Recreation Bid

  • Incorporates many components for upper extremity and lower extremity play.
  • Phase 1, year 1: 
    With Full Installation (including wood chips and wood chip installation) $115, 954
    With Volunteer Installation (Technical Assistant on Install Day $1000) $ 95,304
  • Phase 1, year 1 or 2 depending on funding.
    Mobius Climber with Installation- $21, 648.